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Our boats are able to provide quick and efficient transfers between the various piers.
Cruise ships stopping in Genoa use our boats to offer convenient services to its passengers from the Cruise Terminal at the Porto Antico (Aquarium, downtown, the Convention Centre, the Cotton Warehouses, International Fair, Ferry Terminal, Foranea Dam, etc.).

For events such as the Boat Show, Euroflora, etc. we offer transfers by sea that allow you to reach the events very quickly.


boat hire genoa

Groups, agencies or tour operators can hire our exclusive boats on request for customised trips to the most attractive areas of the Ligurian coasts: Lerici, Portovenere, Palmaria Island, Cinque Terre, Portofino, San Fruttuoso and Camogli on the Eastern Riviera, Varazze, the protected islands Bergeggi and Gallinara, Alassio and Sanremo on the Western Riviera.

Viewing these and other Ligurian sites known around the world for their beauty and uniqueness from the sea often makes sightseers, even those who have already visited the towns, reconsider their value even more vividly from the new perspective.

If traveling along the coasts on board our boats means discovering the essence of the Ligurian coastal environment in its most natural and intense form, distancing yourself from it only a few miles offshore, especially in the Western Riviera, allows you to experience a new view you never would have imagined, thanks to its peculiarities that are so easily accessible: the direct contact with whales and dolphins of the Ligurian Sea in their natural environment. 
With our crews' experience gained in over twenty years of boatings, we offer a unique trip that allows you to spend a busy day at sea in compliance with the rules laid down by the scientific community regarding the conduct to be followed when in the vicinity of these extraordinary mammals.

Hiring one of our boats can be done with our booking staff, who is always available to suggest the best solutions: a trip that absolutely corresponds to the needs and desires of each client.


boat parties

Our motorboats with their warm wooden interior are a great, original place for parties, celebrations and exclusive meetings.

Genoa and the Riviera from the sea, day or night, create a picturesque setting that continuously changes and adds a special atmosphere to each event.

The motorboats are equipped with comfortable tables and therefore are particularly suitable for cocktails, buffet lunches or dinners.

They are able to accommodate up to 200, with at least 130 passengers comfortably seated at the tables. The customer can choose which boat they prefer based on the way that the spaces on the boat are arranged, thus being able to hire the boat that best suits the organised event. All this at very competitive prices that vary based on the time of use, day or night, and if the day is a holiday. The customer can freely choose the catering they like and/or their preferred entertainer or musician. Thanks to our staff's experience, if requested, they can help the customer by providing valuable advice both for the organisational part before the event, as well as taking steps during the event to make guests' time on board a pleasant experience to remember.

An important feature of our service in Genoa is the certainty that the event on board is assured for the chosen date; in fact, in contrast to other areas where the use of boats is subject to sea conditions, you have the option to navigate in the more tranquil waters of the largest port in the Mediterranean, along more than 15 Km of coastline.


For more information: PHONE: +39 010 265712 - 010 256775 FAX: +39 010 2518956

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